At Humble Roofing Experts, we realize that when you have roof damages, it can be very stressful to deal with. That is why we work with our customers to ensure they can get the help they need from their insurance company to paying for the needed repairs. We work with the insurance adjusters and the mortgage company, if necessary, to get you the help that you need. It is important that we know what we are dealing with before we begin filing claims. We begin our process by sending one of our roofing experts to assess the situation. They will determine the number of damages that you have incurred and we’ll take it from there.

Finding the Damages

The minute you realize that you may have serious roof damages, contact us to inspect your roof. In some cases, your roof may look fine but upon further and more intensive examination, our experts may identify serious damages. There are some insurance policies that will only allow you to file your claim in a specified amount of time, which means that you can’t afford to wait to see what happens, you must act immediately! This means contacting us right after a serious storm has hit to come over and inspect the situation.

Gathering the Details

When you are dealing with a professional roofing contractor, they know exactly where the damages are most likely to occur. Once they find the damages, they begin to document the damages. In most cases, they will even take pictures to further corroborate their findings. You might even have some roofing damages that may not require a claim. Our experts will point these out to you and develop a plan to address them for you. If there are significant damages, this is when it might be necessary to contact your homeowner’s insurance company. This is who our contractors would then provide the information about your damages. It may even be necessary to continue taking pictures, even after the work has been performed in case there are any changes. There might be additional damages as a result of a storm or heavy winds that will need to be repaired. The pictures would serve as proof of the needed repairs. This can be more than our customer’s want to handle and that is why we are happy to do it for you. We get results!

Hiring Humble Roofing Experts

Our roofing contractors have the proven ability to successfully address your service needs, big or small. Their experience enables them to effectively get you what you need. You shouldn’t have to foot the entire bill for your repair needs and you won’t have to as long as you have us on your side. We have a proven track record of getting our customers the help that they need. Don’t suffer the consequences of trying to take on this problem on your own when we know exactly what is needed to get you the repairs you need at Humble Roofing Experts.